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They embody our best spirit and values, and infuse our communities with far-reaching benefits.  They heal, educate, shelter, protect, and nurture our humanity. And nothing drives us more at Innovative Resources Group than building on this power to affect change, improve lives, and influence public policy.

We're celebrating 22 years of strengthening a wide range of nonprofit organizations, enhancing their ability to achieve vital missions and to sustain this achievement over time. We call this “capacity building,” and never in history has the need for nonprofit capacity building and organizational effectiveness been more essential than right now. 

In 2012, individual donors gave 72 percent of the record $316.23 billion given. We believe this is because nonprofits are the face of our community, champions of the common good. Donors and volunteers want to make a difference. WE DO TOO.

Let us help you tap the potential you never realized you have.

NEWS! from the world of nonprofit advancement.

Analyzing Fundraisers’ Personalities Can Help Them Click With Donors

A local Planned Parenthood nearly doubled the size of its average gift last year by matching the personality types of its volunteer fundraisers and potential donors.

The Albany, NY, group gave a personality test to people asking for big gifts face to face and then tried to match them with donors who were like them. For example, it paired introverted fundraisers with quiet donors who tended to give based on facts rather than gut reactions. Not only did the process increase the average donation to $1,046 last year, up from $575 in 2012, but the effort was more efficient: The charity needed only half as many volunteer fundraisers to meet its goals; it relied on 83 people, compared with 124 in the previous campaign.