Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute in Utica, NY is a one-of-a-kind regional fine arts center and celebrated venue serving diverse audiences through three divisions: the Museum of Art, Performing Arts, and School of Art. Programs evolving from the interests and intentions of its founders attract more than 175,000 persons a year.

The Institute is named for three generations of one Utica family, beginning with Alfred Munson (1793-1854).

Chartered in 1918, the Institute features a renowned permanent collection in an international-style gallery designed by world-famous architect Philip Johnson, as well as Fountain Elms, a superb Victorian-era mansion which was the former home of the founding families, home of the Institute’s impressive decorative arts collection.  The Performing Arts division presents prestigious soloists and ensembles, rising stars, recitals, cinema, family programs, outdoor festival concerts, and educational activities. The School of Art offers a nationally accredited college in association with Pratt Institute and community art education for adults, teens and children.

Recognizing that sustaining the legacy of its founding families would require enhancing the resources essential to such a remarkable institution, the Board of Trustees authorized the first-ever endowment campaign and retained Innovative Resources as counsel to lead the planning efforts. Working closely with the President, Chair of the Board, Campaign chair, other key volunteers and staff, Innovative Resources embarked on an ambitious effort to identify the individuals who would need to be brought closer to the organization in a multi-step effort to prepare these individuals to become philanthropic investors. Innovative resources helped design and implement a series of programs and activities that focused on individuals of high capacity; designed a series of advisory sessions that helped to identify key stakeholders; co-lead regular prospect strategy group meetings to ensure that prospective donors were being moved through the process essential for cultivation and solicitation; assisted in the design and writing of  campaign materials; and provided counsel on a whole host of issues pertaining to general development, membership programs, governance, and public programs.