Mohonk Preserve

When Mohonk Preserve, New York’s largest nonprofit nature preserve, decided to undertake accreditation, they retained Beth Hershenhart of Innovative Resources Group to guide them through every stage of the process. Applying for accreditation is not an easy task. It requires land trusts to submit extensive documentation and undergo a rigorous review of their standards and practices.

National accreditation awarded by the independent Land Trust Accreditation Commission is a process that helps preserves and land trusts to strengthen their operations and gain a higher profile for their work. The seal of accreditation is a national distinction that helps such groups publically demonstrate their high standards for quality—and that the results of their conservation work are permanent.

We helped the Preserve—which provides over 150,000 visitors each year with access to scenic beauty and outdoor activities just 90 miles from New York City—to manage the accreditation process, collect information, streamline practices, and adopt new policies that ultimately made their operations more efficient and strategic.

In July of 2013, Mohonk Preserve joined the ranks of 228 other accredited land trusts around the country—successfully demonstrating their pursuit of excellence.