Innovative Resources Group is in its twenty-sixth year offering organizational advancement, communications, and planning services to nonprofit organizations. Six tenets drive every aspect of the services we deliver. 

  1. We believe all nonprofit organizations, deserve highly skilled senior counsel to serve them. For that reason, Innovative Resources is a comprehensive practice serving over 240 diverse organizations since our founding.  Our firm does not employ junior associates so what you see is what you get.  Our senior counsels provide all services and are hands-on, on-site and fully engaged with our clients.  
  2. We believe that all organizations are unique and deserve flexible, creative and specially tailored services that meet their specific needs, not boiler-plated services that we simply roll-out in each engagement.
  3. We believe all organizations need hands-on support, not just “fly over” advice. We proudly provide client references to demonstrate we have earned a reputation for rolling up our sleeves and working side-by-side with our clients.   
  4. We believe that most nonprofit organizations will be best served to build a volunteer-led, volunteer-driven development operation for a sustainable future.
  5. We believe that the single most significant factor in an organization’s failure to attract ongoing support is a poorly articulated message about mission, impact, and value.  Our team has extensive experience in developing messages and positioning organizations for success.
  6. We believe that board members, staff, and supporters are the best marketers and relationship builders for an organization.  For that reason, we make sure that all volunteer leaders are trained and supported to serve as “the face and the voice” of the organization they feel so passionate about. No marketing campaign, direct mail packet or video can compare to the effectiveness of a trained, articulate, mission-driven volunteer.